Horse and Rider Training Camp

Horse and rider problems diagnosed and corrected

horse being trained

Over recent years, we have become known throughout the UK for our specialist skills in training pure bred Friesian horses and in particular, for our skills in corrective training for problem horses (and riders!).

Over the years, many people have brought their Friesian horses to us to diagnose any training issues and to carry out corrective training.

Basically we are very good at sorting out problem Friesians and horses generally.

Boot Camp

woman with her horse

This has lead us to create a special Boot Camp aimed at Friesian horses and their riders, to provide a tailored programme of corrective training.

The idea is that you arrive as a problem horse/rider combination and you leave with much improved natural horsemanship, etiquette, manners and control for both horse and rider.

Do you just work with Friesians?

We are specialists in Friesians and their individual temperament but we are happy to work with other breeds. We have a wealth of experience and can work with a wide range of horses. If after discussion with you we feel that your horse requires specialist training that we cannot provide, we would advise you of this.

For further information and bookings, please contact us.